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Masternodes are an alternative way of gaining coins.
This way is similar to Proof Of Stake, but masternodes are much more effective. Moreover, there is no need to have an enabled wallet to which acquired coins are going to go. Mining cryptocurrencies this way is gaining more enthusiasts each day, but people eager to use it, are coping with the problem of complicated configuration.

Our service is resolving this issue. Configuring Masternodes is so automated and easy that every obstacle disappears.
Users can also use our referral system and gain their masternodes for free (only few people invited is needed) and earn by referring itself.

What are Masternodes?

From technical point, masternodes are servers placed in Blockchain Network - each and every cryptocurrency must have them. They are used for example for confirming transactions and they create the whole network.

  • Partial

  • No commission
    for mined coins

  • 35% commission
    in 5 referral levels

  • Minimal withdrawal
    amount is $50

What does it mean?

Having and controlling masternodes means you have influence on quality and liquidity of Blockchain network. In case of some coins you are also given a power of voice in matters connected to the future of this project! You are giving Blockchain network a true value.

We are waiting for you!

Gain help and knowledge needed to acquire masternode. Meet the alternative way of gaining cryptocurrencies and making more money

Can you earn on that?

Masternode network is regulating the entire mining of a given cryptocurrency. People who host masternodes get their commision for each coin mined with their help.
The only thing you have to do is to set up a masternode.

Referral System

On our platform there is a referral system - you can gain commission from friends that registered from your link up to 5 levels.
Each level has 7% commission, so that sums up to 35% commission.

Say Hello to Masternodes!

There is no need for you to have advanced programming knowledge to cope with installing the whole thing.
You won’t spend hours and hours searching for ways of creating a masternode. That’s what Masternodes Club was created for. We will help you throughout the entire process - from choosing your desired coin to the final installation and configuration.

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How much does it all cost?

It depends. Each blockchain has a minimal enterance amount of cryptocurrency you have to be in possesion of. In addition to that you need hosting and operational support - that, and much, much more is given to every Club member.

You always have our back!

Seems hard, right? Don’t you worry! MN Club always supports its members. We will help you count ROI of each cryptocurrency, we will explain how to implement any solution and we will share our servers. Our most valuable goal is that the entire process is as easy as it can get.

About Us

  • Masternodes Club is a place drastically different from any other that you have ever seen.
    We are here to help you get to know Blockchainand cryptocurrencies from totally different point of view.

  • We present you Masternodes - the heart of Blockchain network of every decentralized currency.

  • You will not only get to know them & learn the rules of the game with us.
    You will be able to use their enormous power in one of the most efficient ways possible.

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We are here to help, so if you have any questions, visit our FAQ or contact our support.

We are waiting for you!

Gain help and knowledge needed to acquire masternode. Meet the alternative way of gaining cryptocurrencies and making more money